Industry: Grocery retailer Location: Sweden Loyalty Member Base: 3.8 million

Meet Coop Sweden

A Sustainable Sensation! Coop Sweden’s 3.8 million members unite to create a green revolution! Renowned as the most environmentally friendly brand in the industry, Coop is on a mission to conquer the hearts of its members and the market alike. From Kiruna to Smygehamn, they've left no corner of Sweden untouched with their 800+ stores, plus an online wholesale store that's as irresistible as it gets.


Once Digibreaks and Coop Joined forces, they established a thrilling partnership program for the best priced hotel offerings for Coop members. Coop along with the Digibreaks team have redefined the meaning of loyalty and brand devotion. With Digibreaks by their side, Coop Sweden has crafted a hotel membership offering that's unbeatably priced. Starting from a jaw-dropping 745 SEK (approx. €75) per night for two, including breakfast, members get to embark on unforgettable getaways!

“A short break hotel offering to 3.8 million Coop-members with exclusive member discounts supporting client’s overall goal to engage and drive loyalty to their brand.” - Newspaper quote

Exclusive Access

Exclusively tailored to Coop's 3.8 million members, these unbeatable hotel breaks can be booked through Coop’s very own branded website, particularly customized to cater to each member's preferences. With Digibreaks' rock-solid price guarantee, Coop members know they're getting the best deals in the Nordics.

Empowering Loyalty

At Digibreaks and Coop, loyalty isn't just a word – loyalty is what drives Coop’s business forward! Loyal members become brand advocates, fueling engagement, loyalty programs, and repeat business. Coop's members keep returning time and time again to book a Hotell Premien hotel break, becoming unstoppable ambassadors of the brand!

Coop Hotell Premien Success

With the best product team, developers, and digital marketing team, Digibreaks delivers a stellar online conversion rate of 7% – smashing global travel averages out of the park!

“The Digibreaks team are incredibly hard working, efficient and effective in what they do. Their product, price, marketing, and technology solutions are a perfect fit for us at Coop Sweden. They have grown our Hotellpremien program substantially in a very short period! We love working with Digibreaks to drive our customer engagement program beyond our core business.”

Anton Nyman, Coop Sweden