Industry: Radio and communications Location: Ireland Loyalty Member Base: 1,750,000 Challenge: Provide a Self-Sufficient Hotel Booking Portal

Bauer Media, the prominent media company known for its wide array of radio stations, aimed to enrich its listener experience while unlocking new revenue streams. Embracing innovation, Bauer Media linked up with Digibreaks to create the GoBreaks brand, a cutting-edge hotel booking website, to seamlessly integrate travel opportunities into their radio offering.


Captivating Audience Interest: Bauer Media sought innovative ways to captivate its audience and drive higher engagement with their radio stations.

Revenue Diversification: Diversifying revenue streams was crucial for Bauer Media's long-term sustainability and growth in a competitive media landscape.


Seamless Integration: Bauer Media integrated GoBreaks seamlessly into their radio programming, offering exclusive travel packages and during on-air promotions.

Interactive On-Air Campaigns: Bauer Media and Digibreaks designed captivating on-air campaigns, quizzes, and contests with hotel stays as enticing prizes.

Listener-Centric Content: GoBreaks provided Bauer Media with travel-focused content, tailored to resonate with their diverse audience, sparking excitement.

Cross-Platform Promotion: Leveraging their strong digital presence, Bauer Media promoted GoBreaks across their 6 radio stations to further amplifying the appeal of the travel experiences.


Surging Audience Engagement: The incorporation of GoBreaks on-air campaigns led to a 40% increase in listener engagement across Bauer Media's radio stations.

Heightened Listener Loyalty: The exciting GoBreaks offerings fostered deeper connections with listeners, resulting in a 25% boost in listener loyalty and retention.

Bauer Media's collaboration with Digibreaks into the world of travel with the creation of GoBreaks transformed the media landscape, delighting their audience with thrilling hotel booking opportunities. The seamless integration of GoBreaks helped cultivate solid loyalty among fans. The Digibreaks partnership unveiled a new chapter of excitement for Bauer Media and their listeners, proving that embracing cutting-edge strategies can lead to thrilling successes and a captivating media journey.