Industry: Grocery retailer Location: Ireland Loyalty Member Base: 400,000 Challenge: Building Real Rewards Membership Database with Digibreaks

SuperValu is Irelands largest grocery and food distributor, with 223 stores throughout Ireland. It is part of the Musgraves Group and was established over 30 years ago. SuperValu offer a selection of rewards and experiences through their Real Rewards program to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. A major part of this has been SuperValu’s partnership with Digibreaks Limited to leverage the power of SuperValu Getaway Breaks and build a robust Real Rewards membership database, transforming customer experiences and elevating brand loyalty.


Expanding Real Rewards Membership: SuperValu wanted to bolster their Real Rewards membership database by attracting new members and increasing engagement among existing ones.

Creating Exciting Offers: The challenge was to curate appealing and captivating rewards for customers, promoting SuperValu Getaway Breaks as a desirable choice for an unforgettable vacation.


Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Digibreaks devised targeted marketing campaigns, tailored to different customer segments. Utilizing customer data, they personalized offers, promotions, and deals based on individual preferences and spending patterns.

Multi-Channel Engagement: The team utilized a multi-channel approach to reach customers, encompassing email marketing, social media promotions, and personalized SMS notifications.

Gamification and Contests: To spark excitement and engagement, Digibreaks introduced interactive elements, such as gamification and online contests, where participants had the chance to win exclusive Getaway Breaks.

Seamless Booking Experience: Digibreaks collaborated with SuperValu to develop an intuitive and user-friendly booking platform, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers.


Membership Surge: The Real Rewards membership database experienced an impressive surge, with a 40% increase in new sign-ups and a 20% growth in active member engagement.

Record-Breaking Bookings: SuperValu Getaway Breaks saw a record-breaking number of bookings, attributing a significant portion of the increase to Digibreaks' targeted campaigns and engaging content.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty: The personalized offers and gamified experiences fostered deeper connections with customers, resulting in a 25% rise in customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Social Media: The captivating contests and promotions on social media generated interest, attracting new followers, and increasing SuperValu's online presence.

Email is King: Catered breaks with the most up-to-date offerings, including next day deals, have resulted in an email database growth for SuperValu Getaway Breaks specific user of over 150% in 12 months to 30,000 highly engaged bargain hunters.

By joining forces with Digibreaks, SuperValu successfully elevated its Real Rewards program, turning it into an exciting adventure for customers. The strategic marketing campaigns, combined with gamification and personalized offerings, transformed the perception of SuperValu Getaway Breaks, making it the ultimate reward for customers seeking unforgettable experiences. The partnership between SuperValu and Digibreaks not only boosted customer engagement and loyalty but also paved the way for continuous growth and innovation within the Real Rewards membership database.